Will Professional Wedding Makeup Last All Day?


You’ve looked over your dream makeup artists pricelist and the suggested timeline, and-then-who-in-the-what?! An 8:00am start! So now you’re wondering if the investment and wakeup call is actually worth it. Will your wedding makeup really last all day? How is it any different to your day-to-day makeup and that 2:00pm shiny t-zone? Let’s explore why having your wedding makeup applied by a professional makeup artist will yield longer standing results than if you were to DIY.


Product Formulation

Your artist has the experience, knowledge and product range to give you the best chance at makeup longevity with minimal maintenance throughout the day and night. They understand product formulation to layer products correctly and know how much time to allow parts of the application to set. This is often why artists will first ask about your allergies and provide a skin assessment, with skin prep to follow. It is during this time the artist will have a good chat with you about your makeup wish list which allows the skincare to work its magic before commencing the actual makeup application. Not allowing time between the skincare and makeup can hinder the quality and overall finish of your makeup.


Knowing The Don’ts

Makeup Artists also know what not to do when it comes to product application and techniques – ensuring that fine lines aren’t emphasized, skin texture such as enlarged pores aren’t exaggerated, products don’t separate on the skin, liner doesn’t transfer into the socket, that your features are balanced, and that you don’t get any horrible photography flash back.



Water Resistance

Your artist uses products that are specific to withstanding the tears, heat, humidity, precipitation or skin dryness to bring out your best and keep you looking polished without appearing cakey. Most artists will carry a vast array of products to ensure your colour and skin condition is catered to. For eye makeup the artist will neutralise and conceal, prime, layer and blend appropriately, avoiding dark unforgiving powder pigments in and around parts of the tear trough. Of course, waterproof mascara is a must, and if you’re having lashes applied a professional quality glue will be used, applied correctly and ensured its set to perfection.

FYI: The usual base types for water resistance in foundation formulations are silicon, oil or grease-based products. Water based formulations are unsuitable for bridal as tears will simply cause separation of this product. Powdering alone will also not be suitable.


Advice on Maintenance

A professional and knowledgeable artist will be thorough in their trial session consultation and will address preparations leading up to the big day such as skincare and treatments where they are qualified to do so, as well as addressing touch-up mediums. Touch-up mediums may include sparingly using a silica powder in the t-zone for oil prone or high perspiration areas, or recommending a lipstick to touch-up with from the inevitable mid lip wear caused from eating, drinking and kissing. And yes, liquid lipsticks usually require touching up too, especially if you’re eating oily foods or bite and lick your lips.


Keeping on Time

Have you ever noticed how long it takes to do your own makeup when you have an important or exciting event to go to? It can be exhilarating, stressful or you may feel overwhelmed with what direction to commit to for your makeup look. A professional artist will keep things running smoothly, will alleviate the time pressure stress and keep your comfortable and looking your most beautiful as they will know to balance your features, use the correct colours to compliment your colour palette and wedding elements, enhance the facial features you love, (and draw attention away from the ones you don’t), and use products tailored to your specific requirements. Don’t be alarmed at your start time, your artist knows how much time to allow for each person and will allocate a buffer for contingencies and final touch-ups. Best of all, you get to sit down, relax, feel pampered and enjoy this special process!


So essentially, wedding makeup is designed differently to a day-to-day makeup. It must withstand many elements over a long period of time. A professional makeup artist will create a look that is fresh, luminous and youthful during the day, while long lasting with ample coverage to look beautiful in the evening all the while photographing beautifully. After all, the makeup may wash off eventually, but those photos are forever.


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Rachel Pivetta is a multi-award winning Sunshine Coast Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist and Beauty Expert of 14 years.