What Type of Lash Should I Have?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the choice of lash enhancements? You’re not alone. I am often asked by clients about which lash types I carry, what I’m capable of doing, and what lash type they should have. There are endless options in the world of lashes and what I recommend for one client may not be the best fit for another, so allow me to break it all down for you to help you get a clearer picture.

Firstly lets consider the three groups of lash types before we look at their sub types. They are:

  • Temporary Lashes
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Natural Lash Enhancements

To note: I have purposely missed out magnetic lashes as I am simply not a fan. I think they’ve come a long way but they’re just not something I personally recommend. If I get too many requests I’ll probably write a whole other blog on why I don’t love them (yet)

Temporary Lashes

Temporary lashes are designed to be worn for the day of the event only, so are a popular choice for those that don’t want ongoing

Pictured: Modelrock Bar Lashes

maintenance but want to feel more polished for their wedding, hens, baby shower, birthday – you name it! There are endless designs available but temporary lashes can be categorised as either bar (also known as strip) or individual cluster lashes.


Bar lashes are lashes that are on a strip and are worn almost the entire width or the eye or the outer 3rd of the eye only, and are applied with a temporary and water resistant glue. They are a great option for those that love a bit more structure and depth to their look. They can have a tendancy to look more “false” as unlike our natural lahes, their band makes the lash line appear as a perfect row. They can suit and enhance any eye shape provided the correct lash design is chosen and fitted correctly, but typically aren’t great for anyone with a tendancy to lash glue or those with sparse inner lashes as they won’t have enough staying power which mean the bar may lift within the inner corners. Bar lashes can also be uncomfortable or feel heavy to wear especially for those that aren’t used to wearing them. Expereinced wearers get used to them pretty quickly, but the overall design and quality of the lash can play a big part. They are often very noticable to feel initially because the glue is applied along the entire strip and there’s no flexibility between that and your natural lashes.

Pictured: Modelrock Individual Cluster Lashes

Individual Cluster Lashes are multiple lashes that are situated on a single fan and

are designed to be worn for the day of the event only. Like bar lashes, a temporary glue is used for their application. They give a softer more natural look but can be applied in a stakced fashion to create a fuller more glamourous look. They can be applied just to the outer 3rd of the eye or along the entire lash line. They are a great option for those that want a more natural look, haven’t tried false lashes before or want something that’s going to feel more comfortable to wear. Unlike bar lashes, wearers of individual clusters won’t be at risk of “lifting corners” as they are on a single fan.

Eyelash Extensions

Before and after of classic eye lash extensions B curl cat eye style

Before and After Classic Extensions by Rachel Pivetta (Aurum Bride)

Classics are a type of grafted lash extension. Classics refer to the style of the lash extensions which is a single lash applied to a single isolated natural lash, (so a ratio of 1:1). With great care lash extensions of any type can last for up to 6 weeks, however due to the natural lash cycle, infills will be required every 2-3 weeks to keep your lash extensions looking balanced and full. Classics are a great option for clients that love a natural look but want more length and fullness on a longer term basis. They are a great option for almost anyone, but especially brides that want perfect lashes for their wedding day right through their honeymoon.

Hybrids are a type of grafted lash extension. Hybrids refer to the style of the lash extensions which is a combination of single lashes and fans (multiple lashes joined at the base) which create a wispy, voluminous and textured look, but without the sometimes-unnatural look of volume lashes. Like classics, infills for hybrids will be required every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking balanced and full.


Volumes are a type of grafted lash extension. Volumes refer to the style of the lash extensions which is are a series of fans (multiple lashes joined at the base) which create a fluffy, voluminous and glamourous look. Volumes can be hand made by the lash technician or premade (machine made fans). Volumes are best for those that like a glamourous look, and like classics and hybrids they will require infill maintenence every 2-3 weeks.

Natural Lash Enhancements

I use the term “natural” loosely, as the process of lash tinting and lash lifting is anything but, however the result itself is very natural and well suited to those that don’t want to look overly enhanced by the untrained eye, plus other benefits I’ll go over.

Before and after lash lift

Before and after lash lift and tint by Rachel Pivetta (AURUM Bride)

Lash Tinting refers to a special type of eye-safe dye that is applied to your natural lashes so they appear darker and longer. Depending on the natural cycle of the lash and aftercare, lash tints typically last between 3-5 weeks.

Lash Lift refers to semi-permanently curling the lashes to enhance the eye by making the eyes appear more open, correcting any straight/downward lashes, and helping the lashes appear longer, (adjusting their curl will make them appear longer). A tint is typically done following a lash lift treatment which helps them appear darker, more balanced and longer. So why have a lash lift? It’s perfect for those that don’t want the maintenance of lash extensions, have quite straight natural lashes that they want more curled or have very curly lashes that they want relaxed or are just after a more natural look than adding other types of enhancements.


Who ever thought there could be so many incredible lash enhacement opions? If you are wondring, yes I offer every enhancement listed in this blog, (and they can be booked instantly by clicking here), but you are always welcome to pick my brain to make sure you have an enhancement best suited to you! I’m only ever a phone call or email away.

Happy lash decisiveness!

Rach x


Feature image courtesy of Momento Road Photography Chi Yeung, Model is Jessica Elizaveta of MK Modelling, Hair Styling + Makeup Artistry + Temporary Strip Lashes by Rachel Pivetta AURUM Bride