The Answers to Your Most Asked Questions 

These are some of the most common questions that I am asked about my hair styling and makeup services. Choosing your hair and makeup person is a HUGE decision so I always expect lots of questions. You are going to want to make sure firstly, that I know my stuff, and secondly that you enjoy my presence – after all, we will be spending a good part of your wedding day together!

Do you only accept wedding clients, or do you cater to formals and events?
Most of my clientele are bridal parties however I do accept formal and event clientele. Due to the advance nature of weddings I do tend to get snapped up by brides first for popular days such as Fridays and weekends.

Do I have to book both hair and makeup through you or can I just book makeup? (Or just hair)
Absolutely not. If you love my style of artistry for one thing and not the other that’s completely okay. It’s your wedding day and my advice for any bride is to always go with the artist’s style that you are most drawn to. I’m always happy to work alongside other hair and makeup artists and since I’ve been doing this for over 11 years I can almost guarantee that I’ll know the artist I’ll be working with anyway! If you love my artistry style for both hair and makeup then that’s fine too and I’m happy to accommodate.

Where will you be doing my hair and makeup service?
I offer a mobile service for weddings so I can come to where ever you will be getting ready, whether it’s at your home, hotel room or venue.

How far will you travel?
I frequently service the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane but occasionally see brides on the Gold Coast nd surrounds. I have worked across many parts of Australia as well as internationally and am available for domestic long travel on a limited basis each year. I am not currently accepting any international bookings.

How long does it take to do wedding makeup and hair styling?
My timing varies depending on the requirements of the individual and the services booked. With the COVID-Safe procedures implemented my timing is longer than usual. On average my work is 45min per person, (for hair or makeup), but for more involved sessions I may require up to 1hr per person (for hair or makeup). In rare instances where styling or makeup is extensive it may take up to 1.5hrs per person, (for hair or makeup) and requires an extended appointment type to be booked in. I typically allocate timing duration and specify a hair/makeup timeline once I have styling requirement details for the appointment and can advise. Regardless, I always will allow more time than I think I will need to ensure fluidity, your relaxation and enjoyment. I would never want you or anyone in your bridal party to feel rushed or hurried.

How much does wedding makeup and hair styling cost?
You can view my pricing information for hair styling here and makeup artistry here. If you would prefer a tailored quote, please get in touch with me here.

Will I be the only wedding party that you book in on my date?
Yes, because I only take on one wedding per day so if there are any contingencies, I can often be flexible for you. As I only take on one wedding per day, I do have a minimum call of 6 full services or the equivalent fee. I will occasionally take bridal trials around wedding appointments as they can usually be flexible if in the rare instance you required me to overstay your wedding appointment.

What are your COVID-Safe Procedures?
I have a comprehensive and dedicated COVID-Safe Plan available to view here.

Do you have makeup for my complexion?
I carry an extensive range of makeup colours to cater all skin tones including Caucasian, Asian, Indian, African, Maori, and albino skin tones just to name a few. If you are unsure then I invite you to book in for a trial to test my colour matching ability and view my extensive foundation ranges.

Do you offer trial sessions?
Yes, I do offer hair and makeup trials. Trial sessions with me are not compulsory but I recommend seeing me ahead of time if you are anxious about how you can expect to look, want clarity and guidance, feel indecisive or overwhelmed about your options or just want to pick my brain!

What is the maximum number in my bridal party that you can cater to?
As I am a one woman wolf pack it does place a limit on how many clients I can comfortably cater to but the beauty of this is that it also means that if you book me, you get me. With the current COVID-Safe requirements in place I am capping my services at any combination of hair or makeup up to 8, (excluding juniors). I may have the opportunity to increase to any 10 services when COVID-Safe is relaxed OR you have a later ceremony with a timeline that will allow for a longer hair and makeup preparation session.

What brand of makeup will you be using for my wedding day?
I carry an extensive range of brands and products that I know, trust and love. I prefer to have ample options as skin and individual requirements can vary. Some of the makeup brands you can expect to see in my professional kit include Elementwo, Hourglass, Becca, Marc Jacobs, Anastasia Beverley Hills, MAC, NARS, Urban Decay, ByTerry, Face Atelier, Viseart and INGLOT.

Where can I see more of your work?
My hair and makeup galleries are the best place to see my latest work and are constantly updated. If you haven’t already stalked my Instagram, you can do that here.

If you have any questions, please ask me at any time. I can’t wait to meet you!