Hair and Makeup Prep for your Wedding Day

To achieve the best result for your hair and makeup these preparations are vital, and your care and attention will ensure for a smooth service, (and some seriously gorgeous selfies).

Wedding Makeup Tips:

  • Wear no makeup for your appointment so I can start you without delay.
  • Have any facial waxing or threading done at least 5 days out from your wedding day to allow any sensitivity or breakout to settle.
  • If you’re having a spray tan I recommend having your face sprayed too so that you face skin tone matches the rest of your body.
  • If someone in your bridal party has been graced with a cold sore it is important that this is bought to my attention as a courtesy to others so I can take all measures to ensure that there is no cross contamination.
  • Don’t spend too much time in the sun if you are known to burn or wish to avoid unwanted tan lines. While redness is easy for me to camouflage, flaking and peeling skin cannot be made to look like soft smooth skin again.


Wedding Hair Tips:

  • Please wash your hair the night before – shampoo twice and do not apply any conditioner or treatments at all. Please also roughly blow dry with no product in it. It is near impossible for us to make your hair look like the desired style if the hair is oily or contains unwanted product. Your hair will feel very dry and straw-like but I will make your hair look absolutely beautiful as this is the perfect base for me to style with! If you’re bringing along human clip-in hair please give me notice so I can allow more time. Please also prepare the hair extensions as you will your own hair, (as above).
  • ONLY If you have an afro hair type you may use a small amount of conditioner on mids to ends and pre-straighten your hair.
  • Make sure you let me know about any florals, hair pieces, clip-in hair extensions that will need to be applied so I can prepare the hair to suit.