Wondering what I will need and where I will set up for your mobile hair and makeup service? Whether I am seeing you in the comfort of your home or your beautiful hotel room the same advice applies! Here are a few tips to help you prepare for my arrival.

A place for mytools and products
For wedding hair styling I will need a table or bench space to set all my tools on. I will have a heat resistant mat for my hot tools but a hardy surface such as a bench top or glass table top is the most ideal. For wedding makeup I will also need a table or bench to lay out my products. To help me work efficiently, any low and small tables such as coffee tables are not recommended, and bed side tables just aren’t wide enough to fit all of my things. Porous or precious surfaces should be avoided where hot tools, brush disinfectant and strong makeup pigments are used.

Access to a power outlet
I will bring a power board with me but I will need access to a power outlet near my work station, be it a table or bench. It’s a good idea to avoid high traffic areas where her power board could become a trip hazard. Sometimes it’s assumed that power will not be required by a makeup artist, but in fact most makeup artists today will bring along portable lights and an airbrush system which will require power to operate.

A chair
Most makeup artists will bring their own directors style chair along with them, but it’s a good idea to have access to a stool or other chair just in case. For hair styling I will need a low chair, preferably with a short back in order to style best.

A mirror
I bring my own mirror with me but to get an idea of your wedding hair and makeup look in alternative lighting and to view the hair from both front and back, access to another mirror is ideal.

In a well lit room
Although I bring my own portable lights it’s still a good idea to have set me up in a well lit room. This way, I can easily match your skin tone and do any colour correction with ease. It also means that you can view your makeup in natural daylight, which always look more beautiful, soft and true.

Easy to clean flooring
Even though all care is taken – just in case of an unfortunate accident, I suggest setting up in an area that is not carpeted or unsealed, as a precaution.

Ease up on the air
Turn the fans down a notch or close the window with the harsh breeze, no one wants loose makeup pigments flittering around the room or airbrush spraying where it shouldn’t. I will have a hard time getting your curls to set nicely if there’s a whole lot of air circulation to compete with. It’s for this good reason I don’t set up outdoors too as sun, humidity, wind and rain is not idea to prep and style hair in.

Enough space for…
A makeup artists kit, a hair stylists kit, (both are like tall suitcases), portable lights, chair(s), plus all the other bodies working using the space.

Away from the dress!
Finally, to avoid anything unfortunate it’s a good idea to have me in an area where I am well away from your stunning white wedding dress, particularly where makeup is concerned!