The True Investment of A Professional Makeup Artist

As any bride to be will notice when doing research for the big day, there will be little and big differences in prices in vendors. So why the price difference for wedding makeup? ‘Experience’ of the artist certainly comes to mind but it’s not the only factor.

Makeup Artistry is both a learned skill and a talent. Creative talents vary person to person and are subjective of opinion; what might be a favourite for one person might not be the case for another – just like a painting. Unlike a tattoo, makeup can simply be washed off at the end of the day but your photos are forever, so it is truly an investment to hire a professional makeup artist whose work you love, as photos will be a constant reminder and you’ll want to look back on them and love how you looked.

We are happy to share with you some reasons why pricing varies between different makeup artists. Some common expenses that Makeup Artists consider when having to determine their prices are as follows:

  • Advertising & website costs
  • Studio / Salon Rent
  • GST compliance and other taxes
  • Business, public liability and vehicle insurances
  • Office supplies and equipment
  • Accounting expenses
  • Equipment purchase and maintenance such as airbrush gun and multimedia lights*
  • Professional quality products such as makeup and disposables*
  • Professional quality tools such as brushes*
  • Maintenance of vehicle and vehicle costs**
  • Software subscriptions such as accounting and other computer programs
  • Updating techniques via research and professional upskill courses
  • Time, time, time… quoting and responding to every question, email, phone call and text message, time in commute, paying road tolls, invoicing, deposit confirmations, appointment updates, cleaning and organising the makeup kit, washing and disinfecting brushes, finding parking, setting up, staying around for touch-ups and additional time spent waiting for the client wrap up conversations on phone calls, organising children, greeting visitors etc which delays the time spent in the makeup chair for the service.

* Brands, quality and range vary artist to artist
** Most people use a vehicle to commute to their usual work but mobile makeup artists spend much more time on the road and have to pay higher tolls, higher registration and higher insurance as their vehicle is usually classed as commercial.

Some other qualities taken into consideration when determining prices are:

  • The quality of work the makeup artist produces
  • The overall experience of the makeup artist
  • The credentials and education level of the makeup artist
  • The popularity of the makeup artist

Talent, skill and price varies everywhere. Here are the common prices charged in the Queensland region as a general guide:

  • Student/Graduate Makeup Artists             up to $90pp
  • Experienced Makeup Artists                     $90 – $150pp
  • Well known industry professionals          $150 – $300pp
  • Celebrity Makeup Artists                             $1000pp+

In any industry there will always be a vendor that can supply a service at a cheaper rate. The investment you choose to outlay is a personal choice and it really depends on how important the quality of your makeup is to you on your wedding day. If you can see the value in hiring a professional makeup artist then budget for your preferred artist, check their availability for your date and organise a trial to meet them ahead of time to test their work and make sure their service delivery ties in with your expectations.